Are You Worried About Getting Married?

Are You Worried About Getting Married?
Premarital Knowledge Removes The Risk From New Marriages

If you are worried about getting married you are not alone. In fact, if you were NOT worried about getting married we would be worried about YOU!

Do you know the statistics? More than five out of every ten people who get married end up divorced! Why do you think there are so many family law lawyers! “Family law”; that is what they call divorce lawyers. Isn’t that ironic?

I am going to ask you a question; and I want you to answer it, before I do. Let’s see if you can. What is the primary, number one reason, for getting married? I very much doubt if you know the answer. Furthermore, I would bet anything that you think there are all kinds of answers that are correct; right? Wrong! There is only one primary reason to get married, and it stands so far above the rest that you will probably not even have to think about it (once I tell you).

If you are engaged, and what would you be reading this for if you were not engaged, you need to get our free premarital eBook. But in the meantime, the #1 reason for getting married is that you want to feel unconditional love. Think about it! You, and all of us human beings, want to feel unconditional love. It is THE primary reason to get married.

Are You Worried About Getting Married

Here is the real deal. You actually should be worried about getting married UNLESS you know exactly what to do (by taking premarital training). In other words, if you have studied the topic of marriage, and know what you are doing from premarital counseling, you will be fine; more than fine. You and your spouse will live happily for the rest of your lives, and you will be among the few who truly have a great marriage.

The time and energy you put into premarital education will pay you back more than any other effort you ever make in your whole life; and that you can be sure of.

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