Why Men Need Premarital Counseling

Why Men Need Premarital Counseling
Men Need Premarital Counseling, Too

Men need premarital counseling as much as women, but for very different reasons. A little known fact is that men are usually the first to undermine their marriage. But NOT when you learn about marriage from US.

When men get our premarital counseling and training we make sure they are abundantly prepared for marriage. They will absolutely have the knowledge they must have for a successful marriage.

We also make sure they are given the specific tools they need to understand their wife. To be sure, a woman’s ways are “foreign” to most men.

The Reasons Men Need Premarital Counseling

All of the following reasons are of more or less equal importance.

  1. Men must learn about love. Love is generally misunderstood by everyone. But it is misunderstood more so by men, who are biologically driven to be mind-centric. For this reason we spend more time on what is a core basis for marriage, with our grooms.
  2. Men must understand their power. The male mind, when not controlled by the husband, pushes them to break primal subconscious contracts. These psychological realities are generally unknown. So most husbands unknowingly step out onto thin ice on an almost daily basis. Even marriages that do not end in divorce are unsuccessful if they do not provide deep happiness.
  3. Men must learn how women “hear”. Communication is a deep topic with very different rules for marriage. Part of being a successful husband is learning the way to hear your wife, so you can almost always know how to respond to her needs.
  4. Men must learn HOW to curb their reactions. There is no justification for discharging a loaded gun in the house, and there is no justification for exploding because “I just couldn’t take it”. Men need the same training on how to control their mind; just as women do. But the emphasis is different. This is just another reason we have split the pre marriage training into a male and female version.

The benefits of premarital counseling is much greater than most men imagine because most men have a natural tendency to think they “got it” just by having a cursory look at something. Well, our program explains even that tendency!

We wish you a wonderful marriage, and offer you a way to have it. Be wise about premarital counseling. It will definitely be worth it.

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