I’ll Give You 6 Good Reasons For Premarital Education

6 reasons for premarital educationHere are 6 good reasons for premarital education. In case you are confused about my using the word education instead of premarital counseling I suggest you read about the difference. The bottom line is to be well prepared for your upcoming marriage.

(BTW, If you have another reason you think I should have included in this article let me know. We want to hear from you.)

6 Good Reasons For Premarital Education

  1. You don’t know what you don’t know. Be honest with yourselves. You have no idea how to create a successful marriage. You just don’t. Those who think they do are doomed to failure. Not just in marriage, but in lots of things. Until you start learning, you will not know what you do not know.
  2. Marriages are “built” starting before your wedding. They have to be constructed every day of your lives. If you know how, it is not difficult. Don’t believe those who say marriage is tough! It isn’t for those who learn.
  3. Learn the dangers. You have to know what takes down most marriages! Only a fool would blaze a trail where others have gone before. Premarital education delineates the 3 killers of marriage.
  4. Be consciously aware of the opportunities. What good is owning an airplane jif you just drive it down a freeway, as if it were a car? You have no idea how high your new marriage can take you, or what all it provides. You won’t find these treasures in forums or blogs.
  5. Discover the “physics” of marriage. Most people learn the do’s and don’ts the hard way. Or, if they read a book or two they might have learned a few things. Being equipped with the scientific explanations for behaviors will give you a real edge.

Half of all marriages end in divorce. Of those which stay together it is anyone’s guess how many are working. When you are properly marriage educated your marriage will rise above all odds and norms. You will be very happy.

6. Your marriage will be the happiest, best thing you ever did when you prepare with premarital education.  That, my friend is the best reason of all. You will see. Premarital counseling, that puts the emphasis on education, is the best thing you will ever do.

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