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Premarital Education Course

Why Prepare For Marriage?

It is extremely risky to get married without:

  1. Truly understanding what marriage is, so you are sure it is right for you, and now is the right time.
  2. Knowing for sure your partner is the right one for you.
  3. Being prepared with the specialized skills and knowledge required to succeed.

I promise you this. Following our simple, easy, and practical program, which anyone can, will assure that your marriage will be off the charts. You will never struggle to maintain your connection, you won’t think of marriage as something you need to "work at", and you will never be insecure about your marriage failing.

Wedding Day Jitters Dont Happen With Premarital Counseling

Wedding Day Jitters Don't Happen With Premarital Education

Sure, you will face challenges. When have you NOT faced challenges. Life is designed to make us grow by meeting challenges; it is the principle motivator for personal, and societal evolution. But you will not face those alone. The two of you will face the world together, and grow together, and grow your love together. When you learn our unique approach your marriage will be, without any doubt, the happiest place on Earth.

Goal oriented study

Useful knowledge for marriage is that which is necessary to achieve ever expanding love and harmony. Isn't that exactly what you want from your marriage? Most couples don't think in these terms, not out loud, anyway. Perhaps they are afraid to have such lofty expectations because there are so few examples of marital bliss.. But you wont jinx your marriage by having the right expectations. You wont jinx your marriage by being upfront and clear that is what you want.  But you will jinx your marriage by not learning what you you need to be successful.  

What you do not know will hurt you

Although it seems like marriage is just the "next logical step", and you really know one another very well, marriage is unique; different from anything else you have ever done. This is true even if you have been living together! Marriage is not just "making it legal", or living under the same roof. Marriage is a purposeful 'enterprize' (I spelled it that way on purpose) designed specifically to generate immeasurable happiness. But it will not do what it is intended for if you do not know how.

The best way to explain this is with an analogy... imagine you are given a big jet airplane, but you had never received ​any pilot training. What would you do? Maybe you could figure out how to start it. Maybe you could figure out how to take off? Maybe you could survive for awhile, soaring in the blue sky. But what if you get caught in a storm? 

The safe thing to do would be to live in your airplane and pretend it is not intended for flying. Some couples actually do that with their marriage. They live a mundane, boring life, breaking up the monotony with ​sexertainment; completely missing out on the deep love and intimacy marriage is perfect for, just because they do not know where, or how, to begin. It seems like it should be simple and easy, and natural. But it isn't. 

Marriage is just different from any other life experience

If you think about it you will see how different marriage is from anything else, and if you do not do this you will be in trouble. The whole idea of being with one person for the rest of your life is a two edged sword. On one hand, being with your best friend forever gives you the opportunity to develop that friendship and love without restrictions or limitations. But on the other hand you will need to make sure you know how to do that. Knowing how is the problem, because in most of life's venues all you have to do is bow out if you you are displeased with any aspect of the arrangement. When you learn what you need you will never think about escaping from your marriage, because it will be working, providing happiness and opening your hearts. But if you do not know how, "simple and  logical" ideas will NOT come to mind. That is not what happens, ever. Couples in who run into confusion and trouble end up giving up the great benefits of marriage (by keeping their airplane on the ground), or giving up entirely, and they get a divorce. That is the ultimate path for most people; good people; who just did not know how to be married.

We save many couples "later on" 

Premarital Academy is a division of The Marriage Foundation. The Marriage Foundation does for marriages in trouble, what we do here for couples who want to prepare for marriage. Couples counseling is useless for those couples, Our way is what works; teaching individuals what they should have learned before they got married. It is all the same education, but of course they have the added burden of having made crazy mistakes; from fighting all the time to cheating on each other. Nobody catches their fall when they first trip up. Everyone waits until the suffering is unbearable. Its sad, and unnecessary. 

You will learn things which seem unrelated, but are critical

You will learn things that may not seem valuable at first, and you will learn things which you know are very important. Obviously you will want to know the three killers of marriage (you can try guessing, but at best you will only get one of them right). But there are some critical things we teach that nobody else does that will make all the difference in world, because of how and why we came to be the leader in premarital preparation in the first place. Paul Friedman was a divorce mediator. It happened that one of his couples and he had the idea of saving their marriage, instead of dividing their assets and kids. So Paul, giving up on traditional marriage help, invented his own methodical process that would get to the heart of the issues. Here are the things he decided all couples needed for a successful marriage

Here are a 3 important things you will learn​

  1. A realistic purpose, or purposes -  Having a purpose is what keeps you going in the right direction, and brings you back to your senses if you get a little "crazy" sometimes. There are universal purposes for marriage, which always apply, and those are the ones everyone needs to adopt to achieve the promised happiness.
  2. How biological drives impact according to gender -  The differences, when understood, add so much synergy to your marriage. But if you do not understand them, at the biological level, you will be frustrated and miss golden opportunities for joy.
  3. How to manage your mind - The mind is a tool of yours. You are a soul who has a mind, but we do not really learn that, so we become slaves of our emotions, habits and reactions. Until all of this is laid out scientifically you will be beguiled by fear and anger. This is essential training! This is where the rubber hits the road.

You will learn how to build your marriage

It is common sense, but people do not seem to remember that marriages are not like a house you walk into. They have to be built from day one, and all the way to the end of your life. It is a construction of love, but it still has to be done. We provide the context, which we call the Sacred Space of Marriage, as well as the tools. The fact is this is where the focus is, because if you are doing what is right all the time, you will not have time for all all the toxic stuff.

Are you starting to see that you really do need this? The last thing we want is for you to be taking our program because your minister told you, so you do it only half halfheartedly. That will not do much for you. We set this up for optimum absorption with the least amount of effort. But some effort is required. In fact the most we want you to pay is attention.

The greatest benefits from premarital education won't be realized until after you have it and have been married a while. Only then will you be amazed at how your marriage is thriving while everyone elses is floundering. You'll see the mistakes your peers make in their marriages and be thankful you avoided all the pitfalls. You will know you have the tools and understanding to make your marriage last for the rest of your lives.

Our Program Is Second To None

Watch the sample videos. Both the men’s and the women’s courses have around 30 videos, plus written materials which will take you about 2 months to go through. Because they are online you can stretch it out as you like.

First – We do not limit your education to a particular philosophy. Our program hits the most important elements of marriage, positive and negative, with the universal intention of showing you how to build your mutual individual happiness every day. We show you all the ways to avoid conflicts, and more importantly, all the ways to grow your love.

Second – Men and women are not the same, no matter what the current trends of thought. Male thinking is different from female thinking. Feelings and needs are different, and so the education needs to be different, too. We have two different courses for you. You each get you the online course for your gender, individually.

Actual Class From The Women's Program
Body, Mind, & Soul

Third – We stay with you! You always have access to email our counselors who are available to answer questions as you are learning the material in the course. They answer your questions and give suggestions when you ask. This access is not an extra. You do not have to pay for it. It comes with both programs.

Fourth  We teach the science. The way we teach is not by telling you what you do. It is not authoritative, or condescending. It is all science! Makes it all self-evident. Then you can experiment, testing what we say; everyone does! But you will know what to expect before you try certain things. Above all, we do not speak about right and wrong. We speak about what works, and why.

Fifth – You won’t forget what you learn. We have been doing this for a long time and communicate in ways that leave a lasting impression. It is called common sense! Why should marriage be hard work?! We hear this all the time, and could not disagree more. Your marriage will not be work. It will be the happiest place on Earth!

AcTual Class From The Men's Program
Overfamiliarity part 1
Can Men Be Trusted Husbands

Great Marriages Require Love And Knowledge

Your marriage is the most important thing you will ever do; period! We want you to get it right, right from the start.

In certain areas we have asked the best, most highly rated wedding vendors to discount their services for those who complete our program. They care about you enough so you will save hundreds of dollars on your wedding. Between the $50 share the love program and the vendor program, you will make money as you prepare for your marriage. You just can't beat it! And don't worry. When you sign up its automatic.

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