Is Premarital Sex A Problem If We Are Not Religious?

Connection is Far More Important Than Sex
Connection is Far More Important Than Sex

We know there are religious restrictions to premarital sex. There are also moral restrictions. But is premarital sex a problem for reasons other than those? The short answer is yes, and, maybe. Even most marriage “experts” would never think premarital sex a “problem”; until they dig a little deeper.

Notwithstanding the moral issues and religious restrictions, there are reasons for holding off on sex that are quite practical. You need only understand the primary goal of marriage; which is to experience unconditional love.

Why is Premarital Sex a Problem

Bear in mind the problems are not fatal. Though there is a “price to pay” for having premarital sex, if you already have, it is possible to correct your direction. Here are the explanations;

  1. Women have to re-enlist their loyalty. Women are heart-centered beings. They express love and loyalty through sex with their husband. When a woman has sex outside of the intentionally secure marriage, she subconsciously holds back her love to a degree. Or, she might do an internal “work-around” to override her natural need for a lifetime commitment. Some women drink alcohol, or use drugs, to escape their own filters. That allows them to enjoy the physical aspects and emotional highs; instead of opening their hearts. Premarital sex pushes women to create subconscious barriers. Those remain, until specifically addressed and removed (over time).
  2. Men get used to sex as a release. The “world” has sanctioned “recreational” sex. The sanctioning was done by men who didn’t know better. Then joined by women who were not able to connect from, their heart. Recreational sex has invaded nearly every marriage, through lack of good premarital education. In those marriages real intimacy is lacking. Women feel the heart connection naturally, but men have to learn how to connect during sex. Otherwise they never know it is there. Premarital sex, because it is usually due to physical selfish desires on the man’s part, and a subconscious “need” to please her man, creates distracting subconscious habits. Those need to be broken.
  3. Husband and wife have to work to reestablish true intimacy. Newlywed couples will fail if their marriage is not specifically directed towards the necessary goal of unconditional love. Because the habits previously described take individuals in the opposite direction, a greater effort is needed to get on the right track.

As you can see, the above logic is based on scientific principles of biology and psychology; it is irrefutable. If you have begun having sex you will have a hill to climb, and it is doable. But if you are close to getting married, why not wait it out. You will be far better off if you do.

Marriage is unlike any other venue we know of. It produces rewards not found in any other part of life. You just need to know what the fruits are, and how to reach them. This is why we encourage all to gain the marriage education. It will make a huge difference.

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