Whats The Most Important Thing To Make Your Marriage Happy?

make your marriage happy
You Two, Alone, Can Make Your Marriage Happy

How do you make your marriage happy? I’m not going share some useless bit of advice that was presumably handed down from some distant and obscure past . That is not what we do here.

We pride ourselves in is sharing marriage science. What you learn from our posts or programs are irrefutable, the same way as gravity; it is.

What we share about how to make your marriage happy is rooted in wisdom, and tested in marriages that deliver the one thing that matters above everything else; happiness. Our approach relies on biology, psychology, and the absolutes of spiritual principles. So, when we share what makes your marriage happy we are not being romantic, or philosophical. Happiness is tangible, and is the one thing worth seeking, above all else.

Above all else?

Some may challenge if seeking happiness is more important than doing what is moral, or “correct”. The answer is simple; doing what is moral and correct is exactly what brings happiness. But you can do even more! There is one thing which rises above all others that will make your marriage happy.

Above all else, this will make your marriage happy

Learning to love without conditions is the one thing that will make your marriage happy, and happier than you can possibly imagine. This is one of the pillars of marriage which distinguishes marriage from all other activities in your life. Learning to love unconditionally is, unless you are taught how, nearly impossible to accomplish. Yet without this effort your marriage will certainly fail.

Learning to love unconditionally makes marriage what it is, yet so few ever consider it. For most it is “expected”, but not defined! Even though wings make an airplane what it is, most people barely pay any attention to the wings when they board a flight. But you know that enormous energy was put into the design of the wings, or the plane would never get off the ground. Some things, you can’t just wing.

Your marriage is built by the two of you. Nobody else has a hand in  your marriage. What you two build is what you have; period. So, learning about how to create love without conditions is where you need to put enormous time and energy, just like you would do for wings if you were building an airplane.

Remember, the way to make your marriage happy is by learning how to love without conditions.

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