How To Create A Lifetime Happy Marriage

Create A Lifetime Happy Marriage
Create A Lifetime Happy Marriage

Every one makes the wedding day their goal. They seem to forget that what they expect is a lifetime happy marriage. Isn’t that so? Isn’t that what you want, and should expect?

How do you get your wedding day to be so special? i will tell you! It isĀ all the planning (except for day-to-day marriage planning) you put into your wedding day! You had/have so much to think about and coordinate. Every detail is important, and you took/take the time to reason through all your choices, so your wedding day is the happiest day of your life. So, is that it? Is that it for “happiest” days?

When did you expect your next “happiest day” of your life? Do you have to wait for your first child to be born? And what about after that? Would your next happiest days of your life be “special” events, strung throughout your life, like beads on a necklace? ..not good enough! You deserve better!

How To Create A Lifetime Happy Marriage

Every single day you are married should be better than the day before. Your marriage is a journey towards unconditional love. If you know how, you can go further on this path all the time; every single day. That is what we believe, that is what we know, and that is what we teach!

In general terms, here is “how” to make that a reality in your marriage. Obviously, I hope it is obvious, you need more than just this outline. You will need in-depth premarital education. The following are “top line”.

  1. A clear vision of what you want. Most couples are vague about what they want from marriage, if they think about it much at all. They will say they want companionship, a best friend, children, lots of sex, and the like. Very few understand that marriage is the perfect enterprise for achieving the greatest treasure of all; unconditional love. It is critically important to know what you want from your marriage.
  2. An understanding of marriage. Marriage is not just some “relationship”. It is an enterprise which includes 3 relationships; with yourself, your marriage, and your spouse. If you understand marriage; how it fits together, what works to build it, what will harm it, and all the “physics” of it, you will not suffer, but have a great time. You will not be using a screwdriver to bang in the nails.
  3. Conscious self-control. Most people adamantly say they have “free will”. But just look at your life. Do you think things through, or do you rely on subconscious habits to decide your next moves; or should I say “reactions”. Until you know where the controls over your mind are, and learn how to use them, you are not a free agent. You are not controlled by your “self”, but by your habits. This is a huge problem! You cannot be happy if you are not in charge of your mind; period!

You certainly can create a lifetime happy marriage. The “hows” are all you need to delve into, and then do it. The small amount of effort you will make is nothing compared to the benefits you will get; honest!

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