How To Save Money On Your Wedding And Have a Great Marriage

save money on your wedding
The Best Wedding To The Best Marriage

Who doesn’t want to save money on your wedding? And who doesn’t want to have a great marriage?

Weddings are expensive! It doesn’t matter if you are going to have an epic wedding, or a wedding on a budget. They are all more expensive than what you first have in mind. So here is a way, from the leader in premarital education, that kills two birds with one stone.

What if someone paid you to get premarital education? Would you consider it in that case? Most people would say “how much?” and that’s reasonable, but the incentive is not good enough for you to really do the program the way you should, which is ironic. Because most people (over 50%) who get married get a divorce, and that is not even touching on the couples who get married, stay married, and are unhappily married; but stay together anyway.

So we came up with an idea that is pretty cool. An idea that will save you money on your wedding, without sacrificing anything, and makes sure your marriage will be wonderful.

Here is how we do it

Save Money On Your Wedding And Have a Great Marriage

We get in touch with the most reliable and highly rated wedding vendors and ask them to sponsor your premarital education. We began our conversation with “everyone thinks they know how to be married, so its a “hard sell”. Pretty much everyone laughs.

Remember, they see hundreds of couples who are at their wedding, so they see the fights, the disrespect, the wrong focus on the relationship all the time. many of them can tell which couples won’t make it past the first year or two; no matter how much they spent on the wedding. With our program the generous and unique discounts are given to couples who complete the program.

The ones we choose to call like The French Gourmet in San Diego, or Unicorn Jewelry in Rancho Bernardo, are the best rated in their fields. They want your marriage to be as great as your wedding, if not better!

You only have to complete the premarital program! You will literally save hundreds, if not thousands on your wedding! You will have the best wedding, and you will have the best marriage.

Wedding cakes, wedding dresses, music, DJ’s, wedding photographers, officiants. We are covering it all. Plus, we are now working on getting merchants on board who will be there for you after your wedding. In Las Vegas we have Walker Furniture. And everyday we add to the list.

Go for it! Get both! Save money on your wedding and have the best marriage ever! That’s the way to do it!


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