How Important is Premarital Counseling or Training?

How Important is Premarital Counseling or Training?
Happiness Happens When You Know How

By the time Michael proposed to Jessica they had the same set of friends, knew and liked each other’s parents and families, enjoyed the same movies and laughed together, a lot, at the same things. They were seriously happy, and everyone who spent time with them thought they would eventually get married; and they were right. When they got married everything seemed perfect! They just wanted to know how important is premarital counseling.

Their relationship was more than skin deep; they were good friends, too. During the course of their dating and courting they spoke about many things besides marriage and children, talking about things they never spoke about with anyone else. Because of their openness with each other they felt they really knew each other. They were really in love.

Because of their connection the idea of taking a premarital counseling program was not seriously considered. But their parents offered to chip in for one. They thought premarital counseling courses might be good thing for other couples, but not for them. But to please their parents, and have a wedding at a church, they agreed.

Three years later they were pregnant, and their lives are perfect. That does not mean they did not have to deal with the same “stuff” of life in the world like everyone else does. But because of our premarital counseling program, and the contact they had with our counselors, they learned exactly what they would face, and how to not be impacted.

They did not go through marriage fighting, nor all the internal squalls and storms. They never experienced the “every man for themselves” or “blame” syndromes. Their marriage is their happy place in life,and their children will be raised in harmony and love.

Not all premarital counseling courses are alike. Some, maybe most, are religous based, relying on interpretations of particular scripture, or religous customs, to help couples guide their marriage. If that kind of premarital course is all you do, it will fail you; it just will. Even the religions with the best statistics, like the church of later day saints, are seeing more and more unhappy marriages, and divorce. You need the science of marriage, too. In fact; mostly!

In order to really own your marriage you have to learn, and practice the “simple” versions of universal principles of marriage. These include

  1. Concise understanding of marriage (it is not a “relationship”, but includes them)
  2. Selflessness
  3. Self control, which really means leaning how to control your mind; habits, emotions etc.

The above three pillars of marriage are the three indispensable pillars of marriage, and those are what you will learn from our program.

How Important is Premarital Counseling or Training? It is really important!

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