The Ultimate Guide To Finding And Attracting A Husband

There literally are steps you can take to find a husband. Not just any husband, but YOUR perfect husband. Why should you take my course to find and use them? Because getting married the right way means a lifetime of joy.

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You will find it’s actually easy to find a good husband when you don’t rely on “fate”

The “perfect timing” stories on TV and in the movies may be romantic, but magically bumping into someone in an elevator is not what we would call normal. Those stories are rare.

And NEVER choose someone who is just “good enough.” You know what I mean by that. You have seen the outcomes when people “settled”. it’s not pretty. Most of those marriages end in divorce with hassles for everyone.

Finding your husband shouldn’t be random

You have great “powers”.  Most don’t think of our natural God-given abilities to think reason and walk as powers, but they are.

Free will, volition (the ability to put ideas into action), judgment, and discrimination are indeed powers you can harness to find the man who is perfect for you.

The awesome process I devised will absolutely help you

I created a detailed course for women who want to find their soul mate. It takes you step-by-step. All you have to do is follow the directions and before you know it your future husband will just show up.

How? My process uses spiritual laws that are already at your disposal, and the good news is you do not have to be religous, practice any kind of religion, ‘sell your soul’ or do anything weird.

Its not voodoo or magic. It draws on what you have, always had, and is not even so hidden. its about using your latent powers of intuition, concentration, and discrimination (choosing wisely).

What I have you do gently moves everything into place. Its perfect, its common sense, and most importantly it works.

For example, I have you create a list – Not all lists are the same – then you prioritize the list, then you make a list your future husband is looking for … I know it may sound complicated, but it’s spelled out very well.

We begin to alter your natural filters, increase your natural magnetism by focusing it properly, and pretty soon you become a “homing device” for your chosen husband.

But that’s not all I think women should be very careful before they commit to a lifetime relationship so I teach you what you need to know to evaluate your potentials quickly, before you get too involved.

This is a ‘finding your soulmate’ process, and more, but I simply call it the dating course, which is for either gender, by the way. But its designed mostly for women.

Are you ready? Are you serious bout getting married?

When you really decide it’s time to find the man you want to marry, the one you want to have children with, you should mentally set your mind on it.

Some women imagine their lives are predestined, that their soulmate will show up out of the blue. But you are in charge of your life and need to “do” to make it a happy one.

You will learn about how to use your intuition in the course, too. This course will make you a happier person.

Anything you do, as long as it is done to create a specific result, will.

You CAN find true happiness in marriage and family, I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt. Marriage is the greatest vehicle to deliver happiness. But you still have to do your part.

The laws of relationships and marriage are like the laws of nature. When you work with them you are fine, and my process uses the laws you need to attract your soulmate and marry him.


Dumb dating is different than smart dating in that dumb dating does not lay a proper foundation for your pursuit of marriage.

Men who go to night spots are not looking for a wife. They are looking for a one night stand! The rare occasion when someone does find their husband-to-be at a bar doesn’t make it a good idea.

Seriously, how many people go dancing or bar hopping and think, “Tonight I will meet my true love”? Men bring condoms, not engagement rings. its not a good place to start the kind of relationship that becomes a marriage.

If you  want to find a husband, meeting someone in a non-toxic venue is fairly important, as it defines each of your intentions to some degree.

Some people still think marriage is mostly about physical attraction, which they “sophisticatedly” call chemistry. Sure, in the beginning physical attraction is a striking component of the relationship but it cannot sustain a marriage.

What else is counter to a strong committed relationship that turns into marriage is Hanging out and getting stoned or drunk. Drugs and alcohol alters reality. You will not be able to get to know one another, and your time spent together will be wasted…pun intended!

Most women make huge mistakes when it comes to dating and marriage. The first of which is not having a definite plan. Then mistakes get exponentially bigger and more numerous, until they marry Mr. Wrong.

I know about the mistakes because I was a successful divorce mediator before I was converted. Now I help thousands of couples with their marriages through The Marriage Foundation.

I would much rather help you get started in your married life now, than help you fix your marriage later.

There are three essentials for finding your soulmate.





It’s crazy to marry the first person who asks. And it’s just as crazy to wait until the yea or nay choice is right in front of you. You have the power to choose the nature and characteristics of who you marry well in advance of meeting them.

Why marry someone just because you have dated them for a while, or they are just your current fling?

Marriage lasts a lifetime, and there are plenty of changes that take place. It is a good idea to choose wisely since your partner will be by your side for life.

Are you ready to attract your soulmate?

Women have the final say about who they marry. So, if the divorce rate tells us anything, it is that most women have not chosen their life mates well. You can beat the statistics.

Now is the best time to sign up for the course, and create your future with the man of your dreams.

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    • Paul Friedman Post authorReply

      You will do well to take the dating/find your soulmate course. It will truly help you see marriage in a wonderful light that you can experience.

  1. Catherine Reply

    I’m almost finished my teenage years, and it’s hard to watch my friends with their boyfriends and not wish I had a fiancé.

  2. Sarah Delva Reply

    I am 69 years old black woman been married before and ready for a soul.mate

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