The Biggest Trouble For Newlyweds is Fighting

The Biggest Trouble For Newlyweds is Fighting
NEVER Fight in Your Marriage

The biggest trouble for newlyweds is fighting. It may not be what you initially encounter. It may come later. But, unless you have gotten good premarital counseling you will experience it. And it will take all the fun out of your marriage.

Fighting is not inevitable; but almost.

The biggest trouble for a newlyweds is fighting and it actually happens to well over 95% of couples. It starts even before they are married.

This marital disease is so pervasive that most people don’t think anything of it. Virtually all the couples I worked with, and other marriage experts work with, hear the inevitable “everyone fights“. Couples do not think it a serious problem in their marriage. It is accepted as part of marriage.

In fact, it is a sad fact that too many so-called marriage experts think it is so normal to fight that they devise special “ways” to fight.

But all that is crazy! Fighting is not supposed to part of marriage anymore than rats are supposed to live in your apartment or house.

.The Biggest Trouble For Newlyweds is Fighting

You do not have to fight in your marriage. Marriage is meant to be a special place. One place in your life where you never fight. It is the safest place.

The reasons for fighting have nothing to do with what it looks like. People think they fight over insuolts, or disagreements. But its not so. Thats the most interesting thing. You actually fight because

  1. You habitually react to attacks. Do you see? You feel attacked, and you react. But how many times have you reacted to something that turned out to be “nothing”?
  2. You do not think about consequences. Do you stop? Do you think? Do you evaluate the end game of fighting?
  3. You think it is okay. For all sorts of reasons people never consider fighting is as bad as it is. Fighting in  marriag eis likes dog poop in your dinner.

It is not our way to tell you what to do, and don’t do. Only in very rare cases do we do that, and only to show examples. But what our premarital counseling is for is more education. So you know what you see, when you see it. The biggest trouble for newlyweds is fighting, but it is not the only thiing. We want to make sure you are well prepared for marriage. So we urge everyone to take their study seriously. It will make all the fdifference in the world.

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