Is Ben Affleck Right That Marriage Is Work? We Don’t Think So

marriage is work
Ben Affleck

Most people assumed Ben Afflecks comments, when he thanked his wife for working on their marriage together, to mean marriage is work. Should we assume that is what Ben Affleck meant when he thanked his wife? Or was he just acknowledging his wife for doing her part to make their marriage wonderful?

If Ben Affleck was as knowledgeable about marriage as he is about acting it would matter. But I only brought him up so I could get your attention. What I really want to do is set the “marriage is work” record straight. if you are close to getting married, or engaged (which would mean you are real close), you should know.

Settling The “Marriage Is Work” Question once and for all

Marriage itself is not work, but it requires you to work if you want to be successful

Seriously? That’s it? ..okay, here is the required explanation.

Marriage is not as simple as being just another relationship. In fact it is a combination of relationships that comprise marriage. Combined, all of the “relationships” that comprise marriage creates what I think of as a vehicle. Because a vehicle takes you somewhere, and marriage is designed, and intended, to take you to a “place” called unconditional love. Is that not the grand prize of marriage??

The so-called work each one needs to do is work you have to do your entire life. We go into great detail explaining this in our free premarital book, because it is essential for marital success.

The short version is you have to learn to control your own subconscious reactive habits…did I lose you? Think about it! If you smoked cigarettes and you learned, like all of us know already, that smoking will kill you, how hard would it be to quit? It is seriously hard! Because taming subconscious habits are like taming a horse. You can do it, but you have to stay on it, or the old habits come back; and that, and ONLY that, is the “work” in marriage.

The Good News

The good news is we have a system for you that will make it “work” only in the beginning. Then, over time, it becomes a habit; so you hardly ever think about it again. And this, my friends, is what makes our premarital program the best one that exists…anywhere. :)

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