Post Honeymoon Blues

It is, of course, much better to study anything you want to be good at, and how could you not want to be good at marriage? So, talk it over. Be open about your not feeling so high right now. See if you both want to give marriage education a go.

pre marital training

When To Start Premarital Counseling

It is too embarrassing to marry your soulmate and then discover you have no idea how to be married. What is worse is that couples don’t know that lack of premarital training is the ONLY problem. So they get resentful and discouraged. In many cases they are ruined for life; no longer able to open their hearts like they should.

Are You Prepared For Your Second Marriage?

Not everyone will go the extra mile to actually study marriage. But you should. Marriage is complex and complicated. It is the most rewarding of all relationships, but you need to know how it works, so you can create a successful marriage. You can be prepared for your second marriage as long as you put the effort in.

A Positive Approach to Marriage Education

A Positive Approach To Marriage Education

There are many experts who will tell you what does what and how to “see” this or that. This is all good advice, but the purpose of marriage is to experience unconditional love. It is not so easy, unless you learn the simple, yet profound, methods that can accomplish this.
By approaching your new marriage with understanding, along with selflessness and commitment, you will have the greatest treasure: a loving marriage.

Should I get married?

Do Not Get Married YET

Just like if you hopped into the pilot’s seat of a jet fighter, of which you should fully expect to crash, and you can fully expect to crash if you do not get marriage training before you get married. Waiting until after you are married is a very bad idea.