Modern Engaged Couples Approach to Premarital Counseling and Education

Approach to Premarital Counseling
Your Approach to Premarital Counseling Matters

Your Approach to Premarital Counseling and Education will determine how successful your marriage will be; for the rest of your life.

If you are scientific, and challenging, that’s good. It means you really care. If you just accept whatever you hear, that means you are merely being spoken at (pardon my languaging).

Your approach to marriage counseling should be with an eye to apply. So if you do not agree with what you hear, it is up to you to challenge it; make us explain it, so your marriage is not going to miss something you should be using.

Your Approach to Premarital Counseling

Your approach to marriage counseling cannot be controlled by anyone but you. The responsibility for your marriage is yours; 100%! So the responsibility for studying marriage is also yours, 100%!

If you think about marriage the way you would think about a sea faring ship, you will know what I mean. Would you want to be the captain of a ship you didn’t understand fully? What if you encounter a storm? You would not know how to prevent your ship from capsizing. But if you study ships. If you study waves, and weather, your journey will be safe and sound.

Premarital counseling, or education (they should be used simultaneously) is an absolute necessity for modern couples. Modern couples cannot just jump into marriage without proper study, because modern couples do not want to fail. If you study marriage with deep interest, and adhere to the principles of marriage, you will have a great marriage. It is that simple.

You don’t have to be afraid of marriage or of marriage failure, when you understand it. But if you get into fights, and are confused about how to deal with various issues, you are already proving the need for premarital counseling.

How important is premarital counseling and education? They are really important! But so is how you approach them!

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