All You Need Is Love To Have A Great Marriage

all you need is love
All You Need Is Love

All you need is love, sang the Beatles, all the way back in the 60’s. And the refrain is the same today. Love is all you need…but! Its like when they asked Jesus what was the most important of all of God’s commandments. Or when people say “it’s all about such and such.” Sure, all you need is love, but that’s a tall order.

I just had this conversation with my wife the other day. We were talking about a friend and mentioned that if she blah blah blah, she could solve the problem she was having at work. But we both laughed, not at her, but realizing if she was able to see what we saw she would not even be in the pickle she is in. Haven’t you had that experience? When you see a friend, or your fiance, going through something that seems real simple? How come they don’t see what is so clear to you? Well, all you need is love!

This is not a joke, by the way. Marriage is based on friendship, and more. And at the heart of friendship is love. If you do not learn how to love, as a verb, your marriage will not be fulfilling. More than that. Until you learn to love, as a verb, your marriage will not be successful. You have to learn to love! You have to learn how give love, not sex, but love, in all your actions and thoughts.

All you need is Love, but love is not all you need

Marriage is complex and simple at the same time. Each aspect of marriage has to be understood, or you will be like sailing a boat into a stormy sea. If you know about boats and weather, currents, and sails and all, you will have fun as you crush the waves. But if you get on the boat and just expect it to get you through because you love sailing your done for.

Be wise and be happy. Learn all about marriage from top to bottom. Then you will sail the seas of life together, smiling and joy filled. Your marriage will be the safest and happiest place in the world.

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