5 Tips For Having Alcohol at Your Wedding

Having Alcohol at Your Wedding
Having Alcohol at Your Wedding

If you are going to have alcohol at your wedding, as most people do, you need to be careful. Many wedding days have been ruined by the free flow of alcohol affecting those who should never be near it in the first place. But there are other things to consider, as well. We can’t lose sight of how important your wedding day is.

The day you take your vows to be married is often regarded as the best day of your life. I disagree with that, because when you know what you are doing the day after, and the day after that are the “best days”. And I am not talking about just your honeymoon! I am talking about the fact that when you know what you are doing every single day of your marriage should be better than the one before.

Your wedding is, however, one the most IMPORTANT days of your life. It is the day you exchange vows with your chosen best friend and spiritual partner. It is a day above others! It is, and should be seen as sacred. Marriage is sacred, as it is innately spiritual. Do not let alcohol mess it up.

5 Tips For having Alcohol at Your Wedding

No matter how well you screen your guests the chances of having an alcoholic come to your wedding are pretty high. Some couples are able to pull off having only wine at their wedding. But that is not an easy one to pull off. So here are our suggestions.

  1. Set the example. If you guys don’t drink, and you should seriously consider only having a bit of champagne during the toasts, your guests will notice. You will be so “high” anyway. Couples who drink lose the great spiritual feeling that naturally pervades the wedding day.
  2. Instruct your bar tender to monitor the drinkers. A true professional bar tender will have no trouble noticing who may become a problem, and they can tactfully handle things on their own.
  3. No free bar. In fact, charge way too much for drinks with a little sign that says money for drinks will go to a favorite charity. Creating a disincentive for drinking is a good idea.
  4. Avoid “rowdy” activities. If you and your spouse avoid disrespectful actions the tendencies for alcohol are lessened. Having fun does not require a buzz.
  5. Make sure your parents and wedding party know your intentions. They are the wedding monitors. If they know you want a relatively dry wedding, so your day is kept high on love, they will help you.

Your days of wine and roses do not mean literally wine. The wine of love will intoxicate you and your marriage far more than any form of alcohol ever can come cloe to.



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