Our Founder

The principles we share were discovered and systematized by Paul Friedman, who discovered the scientific principles of marriage in 2003 while creating a mediation business; shifting from divorce help to marriage help.

Paul Friedman, Executive Director & Founder
Paul Friedman, Founder

While aiding a couple with their divorce Paul had an epiphany. Offering them free guidance if they would test his marriage saving ideas has changed the future of marriage.

Paul says about this process, “I had to start from scratch, so I asked the most basic question: ‘Why do people get married, what is the ultimate goal?’ The answer provided the vision, and the vision dictated the process to achieve the universal goal of unconditional love. My first couple is still happily married.”

Paul refined his programs while helping hundreds of couples save their marriages. Many who came to his office expecting divorce left holding hands.

Eventually, he compiled a condensed version of his system into his first book, Lessons for a Happy Marriage. Thousands of people from all over the world learned to turn things around.

Paul’s true mission is to save children from the horrors of divorce. He realized he needed a larger infrastructure to accomplish this so in 2009, he formed The Marriage Foundation as a non-profit organization, with a mission to end divorce through marriage education.

His curriculum has since been further refined and expanded into a more thorough book, comprehensive courses, and a counselor certification program. This newer book, Breaking The Cycle, is also the manual for our certification program.

“By helping marriages, we are helping children and future generations of children. When we help save a marriage, we are saving a sea of souls who have not yet been born. Helping your marriage makes us very happy.” –Paul