Our Counselors

Premarital Academy sets the gold standard for premarital counseling, making scientific marriage education the bedrock for couples’ lifelong marriage. Our unique approach is designed around the goal of living each day in marital joy and personal happiness.

Dr. Timothy Dunnigan, Director of Counseling
Dr. Timothy Dunnigan, Director of Counseling

Our officiant partners are certified by The Marriage Foundation (our parent organization). They understand and embrace our scientific approach to marriage.

Your assigned premarital counselor knows the materials you are learning, and lives by them.

Our counselors are the best of the best, dedicated to ensuring you understand the principles and techniques which will never let you down.

Our Counseling department is headed by Dr. Timothy Dunnigan, who has been a practicing clinical psychologist for over 30 years. His professionalism, expertise, and integrity are flawless.