Our Core Principles

The Marriage Foundation is not affiliated with any other organization, religious or otherwise. The principles guiding our nonprofit organization were instituted by our founder, Paul Friedman, and are strictly adhered to by our staff, volunteers and marriage professionals.

What Is Marriage?

Any given dictionary will define marriage as, “a union between two people who have established their decision by legal commitment, religious ceremony, etc.”

While this describes what happens, it is NOT a definition of marriage.

We define marriage as a spiritual relationship that provides a practical means for:

A) realizing unconditional love, and

B) creating a family system which provides a loving environment for children.

Marriage is a unique venue of life, a unique relationship, unlike any other. The elements that comprise this sacred relationship work together synergistically to give individuals opportunities and benefits they cannot achieve in any other type of relationship.

Marital success depends on a proper understanding of these points, as demonstrated by those who follow our teachings and have established life-long, incredible marriages.

Everything we teach derives from two core principles:

1) Marriage is primarily a spiritual relationship between two souls.

The relationship between a wife and husband is unique and so the benefits, and the methods for achieving them, are unique. Marriage is between two souls. There is no higher relationship. The material benefits from marriage are nice, but they are secondary to this primary, spiritual aspect.

2) The purpose of marriage is to achieve the greatest of all spiritual benefits: unconditional love.

What makes marriage so incredible is that it is a safety zone in an otherwise hostile world. It is a place where soulful love can be expressed safely and is encouraged. We call this concept The Sacred Space of Marriage™ and you can read more in Our Approach. When this concept becomes widely understood in the world, more people will behave selflessly in their marriage, creating harmony and security in their homes and beyond.