Marriage Is Designed For Happiness

Premarital Counseling Teaches The Exact Science of Marriage
Premarital Counseling Teaches The Exact Science of Marriage

Realistic Premarital Education

Most modern premarital programs are either psychological or religion based. Psychological programs emphasize compatibility and boundaries, while religious programs refer to scriptural rules and roles. Statistically, neither approach effectively prepares couples for true success, primarily because neither adequately defines marriage or marital success.

We have helped thousands through our marriage help parent organization. We use the same essential principles and techniques with you.

Truly successful marriages are friendships of the highest order. Instead of being based on give and take, like most relationships, marriage is based on give, and give. The special principles which make up a true marriage are mostly natural. But where they are not, each of the couple will only succeed when they know when and why, and then how to recognize these areas and what to do. Our program emphasizes every which way to constantly and continuously build your connection.

The first, if not the most common, mistake made by most individuals is how they chose a spouse. Fortunately, this mistake is rarely fatal, nor does it matter in most cases. The wise seeker of a spouse knows what attributes are important to themselves, and their future marriage. They hold off being attracted to, and giving love, until they are sure the person they are getting to know fits a pre-established criteria. To stay on the safe side, our program quickly addresses this possibility, just in case. But then we expansively explain marriage for what it is meant to be; the most wonderful experience of loving friendship possible; when properly lived.

We stress that unconditional love is attainable, and far beyond the excitement of initial attraction. Inculcating various methods for achieving marital love, rather than prescribing actual behaviors, also sets us apart. We demonstrate what works, and doesn’t, rather than give rules to live by. Our vision based, free will based, approach to marriage is ideal for all because it respects fully the individuality of each couple and the infinite ways in which love may be expressed.

Our successful efforts with couples who have difficult marriages, (we are The Marriage Foundation), gives us tremendous insights into the myriad causes of marital failure. Both first time newlyweds, as well as those who are “trying again”, are taught what all the dangers look like. These warning signs are indispensable. So much anguish is so easily avoided by clear explanations.

One of the most valuable aspects of our program is a technique we devised to give you control over your subconscious habits, both good and bad. Without this technique the necessary benefits of free will are all but obliterated. Our SEW technique has been the lifesaver for stopping the damaging cycles of bad marriages. For new marriages, it serves the purpose of evading virtually all difficulties, but is also an amazing tool for thrusting a healthy marriage into states of happiness beyond imagination.

When utilized by our student clients our premarital preparation is extremely useful for achieving true and lasting individual and marital happiness.

Premarital Mentors

Dr. Timothy Dunnigan, Director of Marriage Counselors
Dr. Timothy Dunnigan, Director of Counselors

Our mentors are the cream of the crop! Before they are certified they learn the teachings very well. They truly care about you and your marriage, not just your wedding.

In conclusion The bottom line is the only acceptable marriage is a happy marriage, which is continuously growing in happiness. Any other result from marriage is due to failure to follow the operating principles that you will learn from us.