Our Mission Is Your Marital Happiness

our mission
Our Mission is to Guarantee You a Happy Marriage

Our mission is to reduce divorce and unhappy marriages down to almost nothing.

Using what we teach couples-in-trouble at  The Marriage Foundation, we are able to teach couples how to get the most from their new marriage.

Our philosophy is simple. Regard your marriage as a sealed container. Keep out the toxins of the world, and fill it with love. We show you how.

Our partner wedding officiants, educators, clergy of all faiths, and parents are all on the same page. We want you to have ever expanding happiness, and the true prosperity of a loving connection within the sacred space of your marriage.

Our premarital program is all about the two of you, and your future family; even if that means only the two of you.

We teach about specific reasons why marriages fail. But we focus more on the specific reasons why they succeed. Our positive approach helps couples build their marital love, and connection.

Your marriage will be more than just safe and secure. You can experience the joy of unconditional love; but it does not come naturally. Our mission is to show you the right way, the shortcuts, and the potential troubles. Once you learn the knowledge you gain will never leave you. And, we keep our doors open to you, so to help you whenever you need it.